Join John Shiple, Oleg Baranovsky, Vivian Ying, Arturo Perez and Luetrell Toler when they discuss “How to Get the Job You Want in Silicon Beach.”

These tickets are part of General Admission – so first come first serve. We may open up some reserved spots later this week.

  • Discussion Points:
    • Find the Right Company
      • Startup, SMB, or Enterprise?
      • Technologies you want to work with
    • Where to Post/Participate
      • Github
      • Hackathons
      • Meetups
      • Quora/StackExchange
      • Become a Contributor to Open Source Projects
    • Interviewing for a Job 
      • Useful Tips 
      • What Employers are Looking for from Potential Candidates
    • Know Your Value
      • How to Determine
      • Salary Guides
      • Risk and Equity 
      • Types of Compensation Other than Salary and How to Evaluate Their Value
    • Negotiating Your Terms
      • Get Offer in Writing
      • Negotiating Your Compensation
      • Other Factors to Take in Consideration

We know have up to 10 reserved seat tickets in the “Register” link below. General admission ticket holders will have first come first serve access to panel but not guaranteed.



  • Arturo Perez,
  • John Shiple,
  • Luetrell Toler,
  • Oleg Baranovsky,
  • Vivian Ying,