The free (now requires paid TechJobsLA ticket) mobile workshops help professionals learn about mobile design and development. Our first workshop will be a set of introductory overview for both beginners and intermediate designers and developers. Sub-sequent workshops in the future will be hands-on deep dives including thorough Q&A sessions for intermediate to advanced professionals. Update: that the first two classes will run con-currently because we have to classrooms at our new venue Cross Campus.

Introduction to Mobile Design and Development, From 12:15 pm to 1:30 pm, Natalie MacLees

People say ‘mobile’ without really knowing or considering exactly what that means. We’ll discuss everything from the characteristics of the different devices to the most frequently used screen resolutions. Learn about the pros and cons of building for mobile on the web versus building native apps. We will also point you to common tools and frameworks for getting started, including appmobi, phone gap, responsive design, and jQuery mobile.

HTML5 Nitty Gritty, From 12:15 pm to 1:30 pm, Mario Noble

Start things off on the right foot by learning the basics for how to code from a ‘mobile-first’ standpoint. Follow along as we examine code for header metas and viewport declaration, media queries, fluid grids and breakpoint ranges, Javascript polyfills such as respond and selectivizr, scalable text in ems/rems with pixels for fallback, pre-processing, image widths, and Modernizr. If time permits, we will survey the most popular frameworks, plugins and approaches necessary to make most sites mobile friendly, including navigation, video, images, solution and server sided add-ons, picture fill, galleries, sliders, forms, tables, panels.

We have two other classes to be announced shortly including rapid prototyping, for the latest news, please visit: